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ISLANTI_48The Buddha taught that we suffer because we don’t know ourselves. Mindfulness and Dreamwork are simple methods, available to all of us, to discover who we are and to reconnect with our innermost essence.

We cannot avoid challenges in daily life but Mindfulness and Dreamwork connects you with your inner creativity and can help transform stressful attitudes and in this way your experience of your challenges can become more relaxed and even joyful.

Mindful Dreaming helps you to:

  • Become conscious of your shadow and integrate suppressed aspects of your personality.
  • Connect you with your inner resources with the help of dream mentors.
  • Establish a daily mindfulness and dreamwork practice.
  • Learn to use dreams to support your relationships.

You spend 2 hours in dreams every night. 6 years in an average life. Your dreams deal with what is important to you. They point to your trouble but also to hidden resources, that can help you turn the tables.

Discover a hidden resource

With Mindful Dreaming you will:

  • Experience yourself as a creative being.
  • Find and cultivate your hidden unconscious resources.
  • Lift yourself out of seemingly unresolvable problems.

Dreams reflect how you relate to yourself and others. Dreams are pattern recognition. They point to important inner patterns that direct your life without you being  aware.

In our courses we combine western dreamwork with traditional Tibetan methods.  You will reenter dreams consciously, talk to characters, face fears, and connect with dream mentors.

With Mindful Dreaming you learn to:

  • Bring creativity, inspiration and guidance from the dreamworld into everyday life.
  • Share dreams with others, in respectful and mutually empowering ways.
  • Be more aware of the dreamlike nature of everyday life.

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