Explore yourself in relation to others

Mindfulness and Dreamwork

Jetthe Fabioola Wormland is an experienced workshop and group leader.

Group work with women

It is Jetthe’s experience that ongoing groups go deeper because  a deeper sense of trust develops over time. Feeling safe makes us willing to take chances and share what we usually hold back. The more we share, the more we discover and the more we give to others. The more we give others, the more we get – that’s the wonderful circle. In this way we support each other on our journey towards wholeness and even have fun along the way.

8 reasons why you would join a group:

  • You have an issue you want to work out
  • You have no issues and want to have a treat
  • You feel nothing is happening
  • You feel too much is happening
  • You need a good laugh
  • You want to cry
  • You like to slow down and fast forward growth

The group provides a safe, respectful and inspiring container for exploring your inner depths. Part of waking up is to realize that you are responsible for your own life, but you are not alone.

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