Feeding your Demons

JettheFeeding your Demons is a method for transforming and befriending challenging emotions, fears, illness and self-defeating patterns. It introduces the radical notion that to heal and transform ourselves we must ‘feed’ not fight our demons.

Lama Tsultrim Allione, author of ‘Women of Wisdom’ and ‘Feeding Your Demons’ has condensed an elaborate tibetan practice into a practice suitable for westerners of our time. The practice was originally developed by Machig Labdron a renowned eleventh-century female Buddhist teacher.

Jetthe has trained with Tsultrim Allione and is currently the only certified FD therapist in Scandinavia.

Facing what you are afraid of

Feeding Your Demons is the art of making friends with that which you would most like to avoid. It is a strategy of facing and nurturing rather than fleeing or battling inner and outer enemies. It teaches you how to get access to precious energy by transforming the beast into the beauty – and staying in touch with it. Feeding Your Demons offers a peaceful path to resolve conflict leading to psychological integration and inner peace.

Feeding Your Demons does not require any knowledge of Buddhism.

How to feed your demons

The five steps of the practice take you through the entire process of transforming ‘demons’ into allies, whereby the energy that is caught up in inner conflict becomes liberated and available to you as a resource.

The 5 steps are:

Mahakala1. Find the demon

2. Personify the demon and find out what it needs

3. Become the demon

4. Feed the demon and meet the ally

5. Rest in whatever is present

“Normally we empower our demons by believing they are real and strong in themselves and have the power to destroy us. As we fight against them, they get stronger. But when we acknowledge them by discovering what they really need, and nurture them, our demons release their hold, and we find that they actually do not have power over us. By nurturing the shadow elements of our being with infinite generosity, we can access the state of luminous awareness and undermine ego. By feeding the demons, we resolve conflict and duality, finding our way to unity.” – Tsultrim Allione

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