Resource oriented Psychotherapy

JettheHumans are perfectly equipped to life live, but sometimes we find ourselves out of touch, with ourselves, our resources, family and friends, even with life itself. Shattered by unexpected events, stressed by new opportunities or bored by the emptiness of everyday life.

Whatever the challenge, resource-oriented psychotherapy is a way to connect with the vast and creative resources of your unconscious mind.

My work is based on the assumption that life challenges can be gateways to personal growth rather than mountains. That the integration of the shadow is healing and transformative. That it is possible to arise from darkness and pain softer, wiser and more compassionate. You might have a specific challenge you want to address. Or you might not know what is troubling you. In either case, the process leads to the integration of your inner child and towards a more mature and balanced way of living.

What I offer to you

What I offer is to accompany you. I am the presence of another human as you venture into new territory. I will ask questions that help you clarify and broaden your perspectives and provide an opportunity to look into your thoughts and feelings, to get intimate with them, to listen. This will allow you to find a deeper sense of self and new life strategies.

  • Connect with your hidden creative resources
  • Increased awareness of thoughts, feelings, body and energy
  • Develop your potientials
  • Support you in acting and living from what is healthy for you
  • Strengthen your compassionate qualities

You may work with a dream, recurrent nightmares or any other issue: Relationships, health, career, spiritual growth, depression, anxiety, grief.

Price: One session lasts 60 min and costs 800 kroner. Reduction for students or unemployed is available.

Sessions and therapies can be held either in Danish, English or Spanish. If you have questions or want to make an appointment write to us.

Jetthe is influenced by 25 years of apprenticeship with wise men and women; 20 years of Mindfulness practice; as an anthropologist specializing in dreams and child culture; in classical Jungian psychoanalysis; in leadership training with Dr. Montague Ullman; cybernetic dream-work at the Vedfelt Institute and body dynamic therapy with Ian Ratcliff. She is supervised and trained in the Vedfeltinstitutet, by Art-therapist Birthe Glud and Jungian Analyst Pia Skogeman.

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