Meditate with us online

Statue de bouddhaThere are several ways to stay connected with Stephan Pende online. Each Tuesday you can join the session in the Center for Wisdom and Compassion with our Youtube Channel Live Video stream here.

Stephan Pende is offering the Online course Effortless Being twice a year.

Insight Timer Meditation App

You can connect with Stephan Pende with your smart phone or tablet by using the Insight Timer Meditation app. This meditation app uses the sound of beautiful Tibetan singing bowls, gently and peacefully guiding you through your meditation session. It’s simple enough to get started with just a few taps and has interesting features such as interval bells, presets and a meditation journal.

Download the app here

Join Natural Meditation Copenhagen group

Just download the app, befriend Stephan Pende and join his Natural Meditation Copenhagen group. You will then see who of the group is meditating. In this way we can support or inspire us in the practice of Just Sitting or Natural Meditation. There are guided meditations available. You could also use Stephan’s guided meditations on Soundcloud.

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