Overview of our work


There are many ways to make the first step. You can connect with us through Stephan’s teaching or in one of our workshops. Our retreats are open for everyone. If you want to go deeper you can work individually with either Stephan or Jetthe.

Individual work in our home in Copenhagen or over skype

Mentoring, Supervison and Mindfulness Coaching with Stephan Pende and Psychotherapy with Jetthe Fabioola


Jetthe and Stephan offer 6 weeks to 3 months workshops mainly in Copenhagen and Malmö. Workshops themes are Self-Compassion, Mindful Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming, Establishing a Mindfulness Practice, Tara Tantra and Radiant Mind. There are also one day or weekend workshops. Twice a year Stephan offers an Online Course about Radiant Mind.

Retreats Female and Male

Stephan and Jetthe offer retreats in Iceland, Spain and Denmark. Stephan Pende guides meditation retreats in Denmark, Sweden and Austria. All the retreats are suitable for beginners.

Teachings and Lectures

Stephan gives teachings in different Buddhist centers in Europe and holds lectures.

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