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122Peter Fenner

Peter is a leader in the adaption and transmission of Asian nondual wisdom worldwide. He is a pioneer in the development of nondual therapy and creator of the 9 month Radiant Mind Course® and the Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training. He was a celibate monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for 9 years and has a Ph.D. in the philosophical psychology of Mahayana Buddhism.  Over a period 35 years Peter has distilled the essence of traditions like Zen, Dzogchen and the Buddhist Middle Way, and adapted them to suit our post-modern culture.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-20 um 18.24.36FPMT Center Kopenhagen

The center was founded by Lise Lotte Brooks and Maria Damsholtin 1996 after meeting with LamaZopa Rinpoche at Jamyang Centre in London that year. Rinpoche liked the idea of a center in Copenhagen, Denmark and gave the burgeoning group a name: Tong-nyi Nying-je Ling, the Center for Wisdom and Compassion. From the very beginning, the center started a volunteer hospice service, Pure Land of Medicine Buddha, which has been very active and helped numerous people to a peaceful passing. The center also includes a small publishing house, Dharma Wisdom, with six books translated and published in Danish.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-20 um 18.40.39Potential Project

The Potential Project has developed the Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training Program (CBMT) in order to meet the specific challenges of corporate life. CBMT is a tailor-made solution for busy, highly ambitious people with limited free time.

 Rob PreeceRob Preece

Rob Preece has been a practicing Tibetan Buddhist for the past 40 years. He was a founding member of Manjushri Institute in the UK and lived there until 1980 when he went into retreat above Daramsala on the guidance of Lama Yeshe and Zopa Rinpoche. He remained there for the next five years primarily in retreat but with the opportunity to study with a number of eminent lamas including Song Rinpoche, Lati Rinpoche, Gomo Rinpoche and H.H. Dalai Lama. Returning to the west in 1985 he began to train as a Psychotherapist at the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology in London, a Jungian based psychotherapy. Since that time he has had a busy Psychotherapy practice and has taught many workshops on comparative Jungian and Buddhist Psychology. More recently his work has shifted from psychotherapy to spiritual mentoring.

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Seit 1999 bietet die Cross-Media Agentur aus München Image Realisierungen, Kommunikationsstrategien und klassische PR-Beratung. Umsetzungen und Marktpositionierungen gehen einher mit den wesentlichen ethischen Prinzipien. Es profitieren klein- und mittelständigsche Unternehmen und Institutionen von mutigen Botschaften, positiven und eindrücklichen Marken, digitalen Produkten.

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