Beyond Mindfulness – Online Course

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  • September 3rd, 2017 - November 26th, 2017
    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Exploring Effortless Being

Stephan Pende will introduce you to a variety of pointers from the Tibetan Tradition to support the recognition of Innermost Awareness. Innermost Awareness is one of the many words within the mystical traditions to point to what is called Buddha Nature, Nature of Mind, Ground of Being, Pure Awareness or Primordial Consciousness.

These pointers can be used by everyone independent of believe and background. The emphasis will be on cultivating an open-hearted awareness and to discover a way of effortless being without pressure. The course is an invitation for you to slide into a place of no more seeking just where you are.

Our assumption is that fulfillment and mental peace is available to you in this moment and that meditation is a way to discover this essential level of your mind and heart.

The course
This online course consists of 8 video conferences over a period of three months, pointers for daily life in written form and recordings of guided meditations. You will be invited to a closed Facebook group where we can discuss and exchange our experiences. First video conference will be Sunday 3rd Sept 2017, 19.00 – 20.00 CET, 10am – 11am PST, 1pm- 2pm EST.   Other dates for the video conferences: 17th, 24th, Sept; 1st, 15th Oct; 5th, 19th, 26th Nov. There will be recordings available of the meetings.

Course Fee
900 DK (ca 120 Euro, 130 US Dollar) Max 20 participants

The teacher
Stephan Wormland, MA in clinical psychology and trained in Gestalt therapy. He has studied and practiced meditation in multiple Buddhist traditions for over 30 years. Stephan was a monk in the Tibetan tradition for 11 years, spent five years in meditation retreats, and teaches meditation in Buddhist centers in Europe.

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