Mother of Liberation

Green Tara

Tara, the Great Mother, is invoked in times of personal difficulties, health problems and whenever there is a need for compassionate presence. She personifies the active feminine aspect in you and manifests in many different forms. To recite the mantra of Tara is considered immeasurably helpful in all adverse circumstances.

Stephan and Jetthe are using the Mantra of Tara, gentle Bodywork and transformative exercises to connect with your inner feminine and divine energy. The aim is to bring this inherent resource into everyday life and your relationship to yourself  and others. You do not need prior experience or knowledge in Tantric practices. All you need is the wish to give up the struggle and surrender yourself to the guidance of Tara, the inner Wisdom Mother.

The group format alternates between silent sitting, meditative inquiry, body-movement, dialogue and feedback.

The Tara practice is an invitation to:

  • Lay down your burden and to be held and comforted by the presence of the Great Mother.
  • Connect with your inner strength, peace and security.
  • Establish a relationship with the archetype of the wise and compassionate mother figure.

We invite you to the next Tara Weekend Retreat

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