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With this simple app you have access to all the guided meditations and teachings of former Buddhist monk Stephan Pende. [...] »

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Mindfulness is a process of relationship

We crossed paths by the elevator on platform 2. And in 2  minutes he taught us a lesson in embodied mindfulness and how to relate to the world whole heartedly. Stephan and I were fresh out of the forest, with our bikes, and I was well into a gloomy speech about the smell of pee and the horrors of the [...] »

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Meditation room

The joy of retreat

  The Mighty Silence I especially enjoy the silence. For some people it’s difficult to get used to. But I have never met anyone who kept suffering from the silence. Most come to appreciate not having to do the social positioning. My name, my job, my back ground, how much I make a month and the social networking.  As much as [...] »

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Mindfulness Bell

Natural Mindfulness Bells

Holger is my Natural Mindfulness Bell. He is also my neighbor. A short, blond, blue eyed and very loud person. Every morning somewhere between 7.00 and 9.00 he slams the door to his flat open and enters the world. Instead of seeing him as a disturbance I stop whatever I am doing and focus my awareness on him. Sometimes [...] »

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sun rising

Quotes for your Meditation

Here you find some quotes which can inspire you in your meditation practice. Go slowly through them and reflect. What feelings, thoughts and images come up? Is there any quote which speaks to you and which you want to take with you into your day? You can also download the picture and put it onto your device as a reminder.   [gallery [...] »

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Summer retreat

Sky Gazing and Death

My father died last week. I will live a little longer and then die as well. He died without much struggle; for some hours I was breathing with him, then the breathing just stopped and there was space and peace. How can I prepare to let go the same way at the time of death? And how can I [...] »

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Iceland Retreat

Pictures from our retreats

Our retreats are experimental and focus on the personal and spiritual growths of the participants. To gain a deeper understanding we use dreams, meditation, body work and creative expression. This we combine with Buddhist psychology, psychodynamic understanding and mindful communication. Meditation, Dreaming and Walking in Iceland 2012 and 2013 Meditation retreat, dream workshop and hiking in the East of Iceland at [...] »

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Statue de bouddha

Meditate with us online

There are several ways to stay connected with Stephan Pende online. Each Tuesday you can join the session in the Center for Wisdom and Compassion with our Youtube Channel Live Video stream here. Stephan Pende is offering the Online course Effortless Being twice a year. Insight Timer Meditation App You can connect with Stephan Pende with your smart phone or tablet by using [...] »

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Buddha Meditation

Body-Scan Meditation

For this meditation sit or lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes if you wish, or leave them half-closed so that some light comes in, keeping you from falling asleep. However, if you fall asleep, then that’s what is happening; that’s also okay. You might be very tired because you’ve had a working day. The important [...] »

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natural roots

Stay close and do nothing

„Stay close and do nothing“ is the title of a book on caring for the Dying. It is also sound advice for meditation practitioners and psychotherapists. If we can stay with the sensation of a challenging emotion in our body, if we don’t follow the fight-or-flight instinct, our compulsion to run away or struggle with the energy, transformation can happen [...] »

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