Feeding your Demons and Mindful Dreaming

“It’s a horrible dream and I have it ever so often,” said the dreamer. “I am in my childhood home and I go to bed when then the trouble starts. I hear sounds from outside and I realize there are no walls in my room. The house is wide open and I know a man will enter and harm [...] »

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Dream Ballon

Dream Yourself Awake

"So how do they fly in their dreams?" she asked and smiled slyly. "Well that depends", I replied, "some use their arms like birds flapping their wings. Others depend on flying aids such as broom sticks and carpets. I once met a girl who flew on a chair. And recently I myself flew on 5 milk boxes with a group of [...] »

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We are in this together

The trees on the banks of the Hudson river were warm and yellow red, the day I met the founding father of modern dream group work - and through him myself. I had left Brooklyn in the morning too late. The inner judge was having a blast with the fearful child as his hostage. But the inner conversation ended [...] »

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Soften to yourself

Saturday afternoon we cried. Reliving and relieving an 20 years old  pain brought to life by a man’s dream figure. Monday night we all laughed. Mirroring and bathing in a woman’s happiness. That’s one of the wonders of doing inner work with others. It becomes evident that your pain is my pain, your joy, my joy. We all swim [...] »

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