Emotional Alchemy

Circle on Iceland

Awakening is not the absence of pain

In our courses you learn how to live different in relation with your pain. You are invited to touch, to embrace the nature of your experience without judging it. Your experience is neither good nor bad, it simply is. With acceptance there is much more freedom in your life. Our work is an invitation to be present to your [...] »

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Buddha Mudra

Being with your feelings

You can meet yourself in many ways. While Stephan opted for life as a monk, sometimes in solitary retreat, I was living family life with children. He had Lama Zopa Rinpoche, I was blessed with Ian Radcliff, a wise and kind therapist-teacher. One day, when I once again in despair cried about not knowing what to do to with [...] »

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Soften to yourself

Saturday afternoon we cried. Reliving and relieving an 20 years old  pain brought to life by a man’s dream figure. Monday night we all laughed. Mirroring and bathing in a woman’s happiness. That’s one of the wonders of doing inner work with others. It becomes evident that your pain is my pain, your joy, my joy. We all swim [...] »

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